"Open source tools intended for use by individuals on limited budgets or for beginners. Instructions on how to make PSP Backup - and Sony PS3 game isos"

PlayStation Portable Game Backup ISOs and ROMs

Software tools for making legal Sony PSP game backup iso files.
How to backup PSP games (psp roms) and play PSP isos from Memory Stick flash card.


Buy PS3 Break Chip »

PSP Break Jailbreak Chipbest low cost alternative to making your own mod tool using iPhone or an Android device is this USB upgradable PS3 Chip from PS3 Break team. Easy to use and compatible with Backup Manager. Way more simple than rooting your phone to use PSFreedom or learning how to flash a USB emulator chip for use with PSGroove mod.

PS3 Chips - read all about PS3Key , x3 Jailbreak, PS3 Jailbreak and many more Play Station modding tools. PS3 Homebrew reviews, Emulators and scene news.


PS3 Jailbreak Chips

Original PSJailbreak or any of the compatible PS3 Jailbreak solutions is needed for PlayStation 3 to be able to play backups. Without the Chi the console will not read any backup discs or let use connect external USB Hard Drives with isos.



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PS3 Backups

With Jailbroken PS3 you can copy your games (rented borrowed) to external USB HDD or the PlayStation 3 internal Hard Drive.

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